Worldwide Freight Terminal,Inc,was established in 1969,when Taiwan was transforming

from an agriculture to industrial society and the area of global comtainerization

us into the world.

The economy of Taiwan grew repidly in the 1970s.

The industrious people on this island worked

Hard their hands to create the "Taiwan Miracle"

In 1971,WFT pooled its resources to build Taiwan's first

professionally designed container freight terminal in Hsichih

Its 16,000 ping(52,800sqm) warehouse with

2,600 ping (8,580sqm) warehouse with

sufficient handling equipment and convenient location,

enable our customers to freely expand thier businesses.

In the 1990s,the electronics industry replaced

conventional labor-intensive industry as the superstar of Taiwan trade.

To meet our new customers'demands

And the government's goal to build Taiwan into a

"Pan-Asia Operations Center" , we chose Yangmei

midway between CKS Airport and Hsinchu Science Park.

for the site of our branch terminal. This terminal is equipped with up-to-date

software and handware such as a fiber-optic computer network,

EDI abillty,air-conditioned warehouse,and on-rail gantry,

In addition to other traditional container/cargo handling machines.

We also introduce our new log

Two boxes which call to mind a multitude of containers.

The two crossed squares symbolize a safe storage enviroment.

These represent the "SAFETY" that we pledge, and the "COMMITMENT" that we keep.

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